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We’re a marketing agency made for athletes

Our Story

Hello, we are Shane and Samantha Latshaw, founders of Maccrist. We are a husband and wife team that turned our love for sports and media into a business.

Our journey began as a former college baseball player and TV news journalist. We both dedicated our lives pursuing a dream of reaching the highest stage in our respective fields. Along the way we realized you can have all the success you want, but to reach that next level you need support.

After many years assisting brands with marketing, we decided it was time to combine our experience and give back to those who were in our shoes.

For that reason, Maccrist was born. An agency made for athletes to leverage their influence through all phases of their collegiate, professional and post-playing careers. From day one our mission remains the same- to build connections, share knowledge and create opportunities for every athlete.

For us, people and family are at the heart of what we do. It’s why we call ourselves Maccrist. Named after our late grandfather's Malcolm and Cristobal, Maccrist serves as a constant reminder to be true to ourselves and treat everyone as a part of our family.

Since our inception, we have operated on the shared values of integrity, trust, authenticity, leadership, innovation and collaboration. These values act as guiding principles throughout our work and culture.

At Maccrist, we are inclusive leaders that embrace diversity. This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to creating an environment focused on empowerment and respect. We know that by celebrating our differences, we can all be stronger together.

We believe in the power of storytelling and that everyone has a unique story to share. Your story has the ability to make a difference. Impact one person, inspire the world.

So our question to you is...what’s your narrative?

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Samantha and Shane Latshaw

Our vision is to empower and raise the profile of athletes everywhere.

Samantha Latshaw | Founder

Our Process

Everyone is different and we know that. So we create a plan centered around your personal and professional aspirations. It all begins with an idea.

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  • An initial meeting is set up to learn more about you, your interests and the impact you want to make.
Develop Illustration


  • After defining who you are, it’s time to create a strategy around the message you want to put out.
Execute Illustration


  • Once the plan is structured, we work together to tell your story.
Assess Illustration


  • Finally, we evaluate your progress and continue to find new opportunities for growing your brand.

Ready to Work Together?

Let’s chat about your ideas and we’ll build them together.